Would you like to send text messages for FREE? We're not talking via 'WhatsApp' or other 'IM' services, but traditional texts at 0c? Well you can…

Simply send a RIPText Voucher to one of your friends giving them 20 texts to use for free, and you will get 20 text credits added to your account when they redeem the voucher.

Send vouchers to just 5 people and you could receive 100 text credits to use for FREE!


If you have received a voucher embedded in a text message then clicking the voucher link will open the web page opposite and automatically pre-enter the voucher code.

To manually open the web page and enter the voucher click HERE.

Complete the form and press REGISTER to activate an account and redeem your voucher.



If you already have an account and have a redeemable voucher, simply log in to your account, enter the voucher code and press REDEEM.



We've made the whole process really simple: just enter a mobile number in the box provided and press send.

The recipient will receive a text message directly from you with a voucher code for them to redeem.

You can alter the message you send to personalise it - the voucher link will be added to the bottom of the text. You will not be charged for sending the voucher text.

You can see a history of everyone you have sent a voucher to and which ones have been redeemed and credited to your account.

You can't send a voucher to yourself or to someone who has already redeemed a voucher.


If you are a 2020tel customer you will see a list of credits added to your end of month invoice.

For all other costomers, in your dashboard you will see all the vouchers redeemed against your account and credits awarded.

Friends can only redeem one RIPText voucher, so make sure you get your voucher to them first to gain your free credit, before they redeem a voucher received from someone else.